Music Quiz 7 – You Won’t Shazam it

OK so one of the biggest concerns in a music round is mobile phones and apps like Shazam, I am not saying this quiz is totally Shazam proof but it does make it more difficult to detect the artist and title.

I initially prepared 15 song but for some stupid reason I am making this quiz a 10 song quiz and may add the rest at a later date.

You could call it the old 8 track quiz as the music has pitch and speed issues which is why it is more difficult for shazam to pic it up.


As usual the answers are at the bottom ๐Ÿ˜€





  1. Avril Lavigne โ€“ Complicated
  2. Cindi Lauper โ€“ Time after time
  3. Destinyโ€™s Child โ€“ Survivor
  4. Duran Duran โ€“ Hungry like a wolf
  5. Green day โ€“ Boulevard of broken dreams
  6. Pink – Raise your Glass
  7. Percy Sledge โ€“ When a man loves a woman
  8. Ricky Nelson โ€“ Travelin Man
  9. Rhihanna โ€“ Only Girl (In the world)
  10. Procol Harum โ€“ Whiter shade of pale

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