Music Round Wk 4

May have over did it with this round got carried away, I just did not know which ones to kick out, already kicked out 20 🙁 and it took me bloody ages to think of a theme and download the music then edit it to suit so here goes.

Music round 1 point for artist 1 point for title and I am giving 2 points for connection,, you can chose how many points you give 😀

Quiz master at The White Lion in Buckley feel free to quiz with us any time if you like the quizzes 😀


Answers further down






  1. AC DC – Highway to hell
  2. Billy Ocean – Get Out of my dreams and into my car
  3. Chris rea – the road to hell
  4. Crash test dummies – mmm mmm mmm mmm
  5. Don McLean – American Pie
  6. Duke Dumont – Ocean Drive
  7. Tracey Chapmen – Fast Car
  8. Gary Numan – Cars
  9. Deep Purple – Highway Star
  10. Iggy Pop – The passanger
  11. Incubus – Drive
  12. Lorde – Green Light
  13. War – Lowrider
  14. Meat loaf – Paradise by the dashboard
  15. Wilson Pickett – Mustang Sally
  16. Rihanna – Shut up and drive
  17. Rose Royce – Car Wash
  18. Jane Wieldin – Rush Hour
  19. Talking Heads – road to nowhere
  20. The Cars – Drive
  21. Train – Drive By
  22. ZZ top – She loves my Automobile

Connection probably obvious by now but cars or driving are acceptable. 

One thought on “Music Round Wk 4”

  1. AWESOME round. Would have spent it bopping. Got about 80% titles and artists and theme is a no brainier by the third song.

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