Picture Round Wk3 – Dingbats

Mixing it up for this picture round using dingbats, difficulty level unknown but would hope the average quiz goer with knowledge of dingbats would get 11 out of 18.

The closest dictionary description for dingbats is this :

A typographical device other than a letter or numeral (such as an asterisk), used to signal divisions in text or to replace letters in a euphemistically presented vulgar word.

In Quiz terminology it is slightly different it is more like words or series of words mixed up, put upside down and back to front, interlaced with each other to make a new word or phrase. Dingbats have become very popular in the UK pub Quiz scene as they can be a severe test on the old grey matter.

Here is an example of a quiz I done this week instead of the picture round, I added 3 questions as I usually only have 15 but I give 3 points for a link. with the average team having 6 members they scored an average of 11.71 out of 18 on this round with the highest being 14 points.

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