Pub Quiz Week 2 General Knowledge

Pub Quiz Round 2 Week 2

Here we go with another link round having the same link as round 1, so it is up to you if you create it as a quiz link or as a standard quiz round.


  1. Which North American country signed a peace treaty with rebels, ending a 36 year civil war?
  2. The UK Government announces plans to make possession of handguns illegal in the UK, following what ?
  3. For the first time ever, a computer defeated a reigning world chess champion in a game of chess. What was the computer’s name?
  4. John Howard was the 25 Prime Minister of which country ?
  5. What was the first mammal to be successfully cloned?
  6. Which actor was the first to say “show me the money”?
  7. The football association decided Glen Hoddle, at the time Chelsea manger, will succeed who and in what position? 2 points one for each correct answer
  8. completing their divorce proceedings. A former royal loses the title and becomes Sarah what was her royal title?
  9. What did the government plan to build on the Greenwich peninsular site of the River Thames which they said would bring 1000’s of jobs?
  10. Which group release a song in the 90’s titled wannabe ?
  11. Ford launched a new city car which takes advantage of the shortened fiesta Chassis what is it called ?
  12. Ian and Kevin Maxwell where cleared of what charge after an 11-day trial at the old baily?
  13. What event ended the IRA’s 17 month Cease fire injuring 39 people?
  14. Which Royal received a lump sum settlement of £17m for their divorce on the signed agreement that no detail of the divorce or married life was disclosed?
  15. Why did the European union prohibit the export of British beef?


Quiz Answers

  1. Guatamala
  2. Dunblane Massacre
  3. Deep Blue
  4. Australia
  5. Sheep (Dolly)
  6. Cuba Gooding Jnr
  7. Terry Venables, England National Football team
  8. The Duchess of York
  9. Millennium Dome
  10. Spice Girls
  11. Ford Ka
  12. Fraud
  13. The Dockland Bombing
  14. Princess Diana
  15. (BSE) or “mad cow disease”.


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