Pub Quiz Week 2 Round 1 – UK TV Trivia

UK TV Trivia Quiz


So I thought long and hard about this round,, make it about UK trivia, the whole 4 rounds of this quiz had the same link and that made it more interesting than having individual links although it made it considerably harder for me to write the overall pub quiz.

Lets see how you fair with the questions, answers and link at the bottom of the page

Pub Quiz Questions

  1. What was the name of the satirical puppet show created by peter Fluck, Roger Law and marting Lambie-nairn
  2. Which popular TV show was aired for the first time in 1986 on ITV which involved hidden camera’s and gained over 15 million viewers.
  3. Which children’s TV program first broadcast on the BBC was designed to stimulate an interest in reading?
  4. Name the TV Series where a former football player Charlie Burrows decides to take a job as a housekeeper for a successful advertising executive?
  5. Which famous sitcom of the 90’s had 2 spin off’s called the green green grass and Rock and Chips.
  6. What British television series was based on A. J. Cronin’s stories about a fictional medical hero?
  7. What was British sitcom written by Ben Elton called, where uniform officers are always in conflict with detectives in the town of Gasforth?
  8. Which gameshow was first aired in 1987 and hosted by Henry Kelly on BBC 1 including the Elimination Round, Beat the Buzzer Round, Four in a Row Round and then the Head to Head Round?
  9. Which British sitcom set in Liverpool was aired between 1969 and 1979 Mainly starring Nerys Hughes, Elizabeth estesen and Mollie suggden?
  10. Which popular home improvements program presented by carol smiley ended in 2004?
  11. Which BBC Television Drama starring Stephen Tomkinson and Tony Doyle was based on an fictional Irish town ?
  12. Which Yorkshire Based Crime drama was written by Reginald hill starring Warren Clarke and Colin Buchanan
  13. Which long running popular comedy panel game show was hosted mainly by Marc Lamarr ?
  14. Name the crime drama created by Nigel McCrery which focused on a team of forensic pathology experts, starring amender burton until the 8th series?
  15. From a comic book and later made into a TV animation, what is the name of the 10 year old boy who always gets into mischief with his dog?


Pub Quiz Answers Week 2 Round 1


  1. Spitting Image (Last Aired 1996)
  2. Beadles about (Last Aired 1996)
  3. Jackanory (Last Aired 1996)
  4. The Upper Hand (Last Aired 1996)
  5. Only Fools and horses (Last Aired 1996)
  6. Dr Finlay (Last Aired 1996)
  7. The Thin Blue Line (Last Aired 1996)
  8. Going for Gold (Last Aired 1996)
  9. The Liverbirds (made a revival in 1996)
  10. Changing rooms (First Aired 1996)
  11. Ballykissangel (First Aired 1996)
  12. Daziel and Pascoe (First Aird 1996)
  13. Never mind the buzcocks (First Aired 1996)
  14. Silent Witness (First Aired 1996)
  15. Dennis the Menace (First Aired 1996)


The Link is 1996

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