Quiz 2018 Week 4 – Round 1

Quiz Questions and Answers for 05/12/2018 Quiz at the White Lion in Buckley, Round 1 is a simple General Knowledge Round with 15 Questions.


  1. If You Were Born In The Month Of October What Would Your Birth Stone Be
  2. What Do The Initials PAYE Stand For
  3. Which Animal Gets Its Name From The Afrikaans Language Meaning ‘Earth Pig’
  4. What Dance Was Invented By Harry Fox In 1914
  5. What Is The Legal Drinking Age In The Usa
  6. Americans Call It ‘Kerosine” But What Do We Brits Know It As
  7. What Type Of Creature Is A Mudskipper
  8. What Colour Is A Female Blackbird
  9. What Is A Baby Rhinoceros Known As
  10. Which Organization Admitted Debbie Maghee As It’s First Woman Member
  11. Who Made The First Telephone Call To The Moon
  12. John Travolta And Emma Thompson Played A Political Couple In Which Nineties Film
  13. In Which 1978 Film Does Robert De Niro Play The Character Michael Vronsky
  14. What Is The Name For A Word That Reads The Same Backwards As Forwards
  15. Where Was The Labour Party Conference Held In September 2007

Quiz Answers 

  1. Opel
  2. Pay as you earn
  3. Aardvark
  4. FoxTrot
  5. 21
  6. Parafin
  7. Fish
  8. Brown
  9. Calf
  10. The Magic Circle
  11. Richard Nixon
  12. Primary Colours
  13. The Deer Hunter
  14. Palindrome
  15. Bournmouth