Quiz 2018 Week 4 – Round 2 – General Knowledge – Questions and Answers

General Knowledge Pub Quiz Questions and Answers Used in the White lion Buckley on 05th December 2018. This is round 2 of the quiz which may be seen as more difficult. As with any quiz though you may actually know the answers that others do not.
Answers are below the questions

  1. What, In Your Body, Can Be True, False Or Floating
  2. Which Branch Of The Armed Services Trains Its Officers At Cranwell
  3. Name The Stock-Market Trader Who Sent Barings Bank Into Bankruptcy
  4. In Which European City Are The Headquarters Of Interpol
  5. In What Year Did The Tv Soap Eastenders Begin
  6. In Legal Terms, What Do The Letters Q.C. Stand For
  7. What Did Gustav Eiffel Help To Construct In 1884
  8. Who Won The Oscar For The Best Actress For Her Role In Misery
  9. How Is Gravelly Hill Interchange More Commonly Known
  10. Who Painted The Ceiling Of The Sistine Chapel
  11. Name the Actor that became Maddona’s forst husband
  12. Who Was The First Black Woman To Appear On The Front Cover Of Vogue
  13. In the news this week facebook have ban the sale of what on their site ?
  14. Former Coronation Street Actor Peter Armitage died this week aged 78, What was the name of his character.
  15. What Trade Or Profession Would You Have Followed If You Were A Webster


Quiz Answers 

  1. Ribs
  2. RAF
  3. Nick Leeson
  4. paris
  5. 1985
  6. Queens Counsel
  7. The Statue of Liberty
  8. Cathy Bates
  9. Spaghetti Junction
  10. Michelangelo
  11. Sean Penn
  12. Naomi Cambell
  13. Community Groups
  14. Bill Webster
  15. Weaving