Music Link Round – Guess the Connection – Music Round

I made this quiz for “The white Lion Buckley“, the quiz covers old to new and a total of 15 questions.

Her is one that was surprisingly low scoring as I personally asked for title only, but as always everyone can run their quizzes how they wish, I give the artist and title in the answers so up to you how you run your quiz.



1) Bruno Mars – It will Rain
2) Donna Summer – Cold Love
3) Ed Sheeran – Make it rain
4) George Ezra – did you hear the Rain
5) Katrina and the Waves – Walking on Sunshine
6) Maroon 5 – Cold
7) Panic! At the Disco – Northern Downpour
8)Pharrell Williams – Gust Of Wind
9)R Kelly – Slow wind
10) Robbie Williams – Morning Sun
11) Scorpions – Wind Of Change
12) Sean Paul – Temperature
13) Travis – Why Does it always Rain on Me
14) Avril Lavigne – Hot
15) Beyonce – Standing on the Sun

The Connection is weather

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