Week 5 – Round 1 – General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Pub Quiz Questions and Answers

This round was quite a good one with an average score of 11/15 so fits into the Easy/medium bracket. General knowledge is a tricky one you either know or you do not.

Pub quiz Questions and answers below.


  1. In Which Was The Compulsory Driving Test Introduced In Great Britain
    a) 1930 b) 1935 c)1940 d)1945
  2. What Motorway runs past stansted Airport
  3. What Animal Symbolises The Road Sign For A Zoo
  4. What Drink Comprises Rum, Coconut Milk And Pineapple
  5. In The Dish ‘Angels On Horseback’ Of What Are The Angels Made
  6. What Vegetable Is Also Known As Zuchinni
  7. In Which English City Will You Find The Crucible Theatre
  8. Is The Tropic Of Capricorn North Or South Of The Equator
  9. In Which Southern US State Is Dodge City
  10. What Is The Oldest Known Walled Town
  11. In which year did Trevor Francis Becomes The Worlds First Million Pound Footballer
  12. Prince Charles And Princess Diana Divorce
  13. What Was Meatloafs Character Called In The Film Fightclub
  14. How Is Marion Michael Morrison Better Known
  15. Which Camera Was Invented By Edwin Land



  1. 1935
  2. M11
  3. Elephant
  4. Pina Collada
  5. Oysters
  6. Cougettes
  7. Sheffield
  8. South
  9. Kansas
  10. Jericho
  11. 1979
  12. 1996
  13. Bob
  14. John Wayne
  15. Polaroid