Week 4 – Round 3 – Music – Finish the lyric

Straight forward quiz this week simply finish the lyric of the Popular Songs. this type of music quiz goes down really well, you just have to remind participants not to sing along and give out the answers.


  1. Boyzone – Father and SonĀ  – Lyric “You’ll Get Married”
  2. Bruno Mars – Grenade – Lyric “Tossed It In The Trash”
  3. Demi Lovato – Let It Go – Lyric “The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway”
  4. Erasure – Ship Of Fools – Lyric “Two And Two Were Four”
  5. Foreigner – I wanna Know What Love is – Lyric “Feels Like The World Upon My Shoulder”
  6. Glen Camble – Rhinestone Cowboy – Lyric “Like The Snow And The Rain”
  7. Kim Wylde – Kids In America – Lyric “All The Colours Of The Rainbow”
  8. Marillion – Kayleigh – Lyric “I Thought Is Was Confetti In Our Hair”
  9. Pointer Sisters – I am so Excited – Lyric “Wrap Myself Around You”
  10. Pretenders – Brass in Pocket – Lyric “Make You Notice”
  11. Adele – Hello – Lyric “About Who We Used To Be”
  12. B52’s – LoveĀ  Shack – Lyric “It Seats About Twenty”
  13. Bangles – Manic Monday – Lyric “You Wish Your Bed Was Already Made”
  14. Billy Fury – Halfway to Paradise – Lyric “Is All I’ll Stay”
  15. Black Eyed Peas – I gotta Feeling – Lyric “A PHD In I Told You So”

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