• Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

General Knowledge 2018 Week 1 Round 1


Standard General Knowledge  – Free Pub Quiz

This one did not go down too well with a score average of 9/15 but it is different and that is what I like about the pub quizzes I produce.  The team scores change all the time and there is not a constant winning team. You either know the answer or you do not.

Pub Quiz Questions

  1. What is the more common name for Ethylene Glycol
  2. What did Samuel Morse invent?
  3. What is panophobia or pantophobia?
  4. Which is the densest planet in our solar system?
  5. Which is the largest organ of the human body?
  6. What is the name given to rain with a particularly low pH?
  7. Which is the largest gland in the human body?
  8. What is decompression sickness commonly known as?
  9. How many square metres in a hectare?
  10. The X-Men Character Wolverine is named after the animal of the same name. What kind of animal is a wolverine?
  11. What does ‘OS’ most commonly stand for in computing terms?
  12. The Manhattan Project in the early 1940s was developing what?
  13. Where in the Body Is the Achilles Tendon?
  14. What is the name given to the molten rock beneath the surface of the earth?
  15. On a fish, what can be anal, pectoral or pelvic?

And now for the answers below

  1. Antifreeze
  2. Morse Code
  3. Fear of Everything
  4. The Earth
  5. The Skin
  6. Acid Rain
  7. The Liver
  8. The Bends
  9. 10,000m2
  10. Weasel
  11. Operating System
  12. The Atomic Bomb
  13. The Heal
  14. Magma
  15. Fins


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