General Knowledge Quiz With Answers R1 – 22-07-2021

A relatively easy quiz round I would expect an average of 12 out of 15 with an average team of 4-6 people, However it depends on peoples strengths when it comes to quizzes. Feel free to use it and give it a go in your Quiz be it with family or in a Pub Quiz Environment.


  1. Which British Television Comedy Quiz Show Featured The ‘Dove From Above’
  2. Of Which Asian Country Is Kabul The Capital
  3. In Pop Music, Which Girl Group Scored Its First Number One With ‘Never Ever’
  4. Is A Study Of Fauna A Study Of Plant Life Or Animal Life
  5. Which ‘D’ Is The Flower That’s Also Called The Lent Lily
  6. What Is The 15th Letter Of The Alphabet
  7. What Is The Muslim Month Of Fasting Called?
  8. In The International Phonetic Alphabet, If A Is Alpha And Z Is Zulu, What Is P
  9. In Judo What Colour Belt Follows Yellow
  10. What C Is A Soothing Ointment Made From Zinc Carbonate
  11. What F Is An Establishment Where Metals Are Cast In Moulds
  12. What Nationality Is Formula One Motor Racing Champion Michael Schumacher
  13. Which Part Of The Human Anatomy Shares Its Name With A Punctuation Mark
  14. What Part Of The Body Do Flying Fish Use To Propel Themselves Out Of The Water
  15. What Type Of Transport Is A Green Goddess


The Quiz Answers

  1. Shooting stars
  2. Afghanistan
  3. All Saints
  4. Animals ?
  5. Daffodil
  6. O
  7. Ramadan
  8. Papa
  9. Orange
  10. Calamine
  11. Foundry
  12. German
  13. Colon
  14. Tail (Pectoral fin)
  15. Fire engine