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Backwards Music Link Round – Guess the Connection – Music Round


Nov 25, 2018

I made this quiz for “The white Lion Buckley“, the quiz covers old to new and a total of 15 questions.

This was a new quiz format which I tried as all the music is being played backwards to eliminate shazam and other music recognition software, was a tough one but there was a link also.

Playing the music backwards in the quiz certainly put the cat amongst the pigeons for those that usually do well in the music round.



1) Eagles – Hotel California
2) Justin Bieber – Baby
3) Kesha – TiK Tok
4) Lady Gaga – Alejandro
5) Led Zeplin – Stairway to Heaven
6) Madonna – Like A Prayer
7) Michael Jackson – Earth Song
8)Miley Cyrus – The Climb
9)Prince – Purple rain
10) Roy Orbison – Crying
11) The Beatles – Let it be
12) The Police – Every Breath you take
13) Queen – Another one bites the dust
14) Beyonve – Single Ladies
15) Britney Spears – Baby one more time

The Connection is ” all said to have hidden messages when played backwards”


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