• Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

Week 5 – Round 2 – General Knowledge Questions and Answers


Dec 14, 2018
Pub Quiz General knowledge

Slightly harder round of the 2 General Knowledge round based on scores but I will say this is easy to medium with teams of 4 or more.


  1. From What Was Aspirin Orginally Extracted
  2. What Type Of Plant Is A Ladys Slipper
  3. Which Scottish Town is famous for its runaway marriages
  4. What ‘N’ Are, Or Were, Poor Clares
  5. What ‘W’ Is A Town In Wiltshire — And A Make Of Carpet
  6. What Flower Is Alternatively Known As The Lent Lilly
  7. What Is The Name Of The Founder Of Amstrad
  8. How Many Legs Does A Woodlice Have
  9. How Many Points Does A Converted Try Score In Rugby Union
  10. What Nationality Was Saint Valentine, The Patron Saint Of Lovers
  11. In Which German City Is The Oktoberfest Beer Festival Held
  12. St Helier is the capital of where
  13. Favourite Worst Nightmare Is An Album By Which Band
  14. Which Company Produces Miniature Heroes Chocolates
  15. What Is The Longest Running Animated Series On British Tv



  1. Tree Bark
  2. An Orchid
  3. Gretna Green
  4. Nuns
  5. Wilton
  6. Daffodil
  7. Alan Sugar
  8. 14
  9. 7
  10. Italian
  11. Munich
  12. Jersey
  13. Artic Monkeys
  14. Cadburys
  15. The Simpsons